Cybersecurity in Chile: Ministry signed a collaboration agreement

The Ministry of the Interior and 16 private sector organizations signed symbolically an agreement to collaborate on cyber-security.

Chile’s government signed a collaboration agreement with the private sector related to cybersecurity in a virtual ceremony with the participation of the Undersecretary of the Interior.

Through a video conference, the agreement between the Ministry of the Interior and 16 private sector organizations was signed symbolically on Friday, June 12th, to collaborate on cybersecurity through voluntary exchange of technical, statistical information, good practices, training, development and/or dissemination in cybersecurity and other equivalent activities.

The ceremony had the participation of the Undersecretary of the Interior Juan Francisco Galli, Carlos Landeros, Director CSIRT and Head of Division of Networks and Computer Security in the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, Katherina Canales Operational Director in CSIRT GOB and representatives of the 16 organizations.

Carlos Landeros pointed out that the relevance of the signing of these agreements lies in the sample that the government gives of wanting to work and integrate the private sector. For the Chilean government, Public-private collaboration is key to disseminating and promoting initiatives to strengthen the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Landeros also said that the benefits of building and linking with the private sector are several, among them, it will allow you to voluntarily exchange information related to alerts, threats, and computer security incidents; prevent cyber risks; develop common projects in cybersecurity and cooperate in the prevention and detection of cybersecurity incidents.

The agreement considers:

  • Voluntarily exchange information related to computer security alerts, threats, and incidents, reports, or indicators of compromise that could prevent cyber risks and technological innovations in the field of cybersecurity, cybersecurity reports, and other equivalents.
  • Cooperate in the prevention, detection, response, and recovery of cybersecurity incidents to minimize the impact on services and operations or to recover critical infrastructures and essential services.
  • Development of common projects in cybersecurity.
  • Share statistical information on cybersecurity.

The 16 organizations that formalized the cybersecurity collaboration agreement are: Sercor; Deloitte; Pit Chile; Orion Seguros Generales S.A; Chilean Cybersecurity Alliance; ACTI; Century Link; Association Cloud Security Alliance Chilean Chapter; 8.8 Computer Security Conference Spa; Mercadolibre Chile Limitada; RedBanc; CCU; ACHS; AT; IBM; FORUM

Information retrieved from TrendTIC.