Beer Mexican Company is supporting SMEs

Grupo Modelo are creating initiatives to save SMEs in Mexico.

A lot of SMEs will disappear due to coronavirus pandemic if they don’t receive any kind of support. Then, big companies will observe a chain effect.

They will be next ones affected.

However, some of them are creating initiative to avoid this kind of problems. One of them is Grupo Modelo, through its Z-Tech initiative, dedicated to strengthening the growth of small and medium-sized businesses through technology.

Grupo Modelo, one of the biggest beer companies in Mexico and producer of Corona beer, announced an alliance with Tienda Pago to grant loans to more than 100,000 shopkeepers who today have no access to another Funding Source.

In Mexico, there are more than 1.6 million small businesses, known as “changarros,” which are the livelihood of more than a million Mexican families and are currently facing significant challenges to maintaining their operations.

Therefore, thanks to the Tienda Pago business model, together with the scale, scope, and relevance of Grupo Modelo, this alliance will give access to financing in a digital, fast and simple way to a huge segment of the population that has not achieved a credit with traditional banks, thus contributing to promoting the democratization of credit in Mexico.

In this way, Grupo Modelo seeks to be an ally for the thousands of stores and grocery stores that today are going through difficult circumstances in order to maintain their sales. This initiative joins various Grupo Modelo and Z-Tech projects, such as long-term loans in partnership with Konfio, Academia de Meseros Modelo, and Tiendita Cerca, in support of productive sectors within the framework of the #PorNuestroMexico #GoZTech movement.

Bartenders and waiters also receive help

The Academia de Meseros Modelo (Modelo Waiters Academy) and joined forces to continue supporting one of the most affected communities in this health contingency, the waiters and bartenders. will enable a function on its site so that its customers can purchase vouchers that will be 100% dedicated to supporting waiters and bartenders registered in the Grupo Modelo program.

“At Grupo Modelo, we know that these moments have been difficult for the waiters and bartenders in Mexico, but we will continue supporting those who have been our highest ambassadors in the construction of the company. We are very grateful and we recognize their great work, so this time we joined efforts with, our online beer sales platform, to provide them with liquidity and help them cope with this difficult situation, “said Fernando Dias Soares, commercial vice president of Grupo Modelo.

Academia de Meseros, a platform launched in 2019 and adapted to meet the new needs derived from Covid-19, is already the largest network of waiters in Mexico that offers constant training to this community in order to professionalize their work. Participants will be certified by Grupo Modelo and the Mexican Restaurant Association, which also provides content that complements this training. The initiative, part of Grupo Modelo’s # PorNuestroMéxico movement, has already benefited more than 3,000 waiters and bartenders with financial incentives and food stamps during the current contingency.