CEM at work: Siemens and Everbridge created an alliance

Siemens will share domain knowledge, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to enhance Everbridge's capabilities.

Siemens will adopt the Everbridge CEN Platform to help protect the Siemens workforce and operations against critical events of all kinds, from the COVID-19 pandemic and the political unrest to sudden economic changes, among other events, according to a press release of Everbridge, Inc., a world leader in Critical Event Management (CEM).

The two companies have also formed a technology alliance in which Siemens will share domain knowledge, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to enhance Everbridge’s capabilities.

 Marco Mille, director of security for Siemens said “We are excited to share our vision of combining Everbridge’s premier critical event management portfolio with our own capabilities in the field of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence on a comprehensive platform to keep people safe and operations running”

The executive highlighted the ability of corporate security managers to ensure business resilience globally, through rapid and personalized response strategies, based on comprehensive and proactive incident monitoring and evaluation will be a key success factor for years to come.”

Everbridge is expanding its brand

Today, more than 5,000 companies, governments, and healthcare organizations rely on the Everbridge EMC Platform to assess threats, monitor the well-being of their workforce, quickly communicate alerts, protect supply chains, and accelerate the analysis of their response. operational. 

With its comprehensive approach to critical events, Everbridge will enhance Siemens’ capabilities to quickly identify threats and automate response to avoid a costly impact, be it the ongoing pandemic, cyberattacks, an IT outage, the weather severe, workplace violence or any kind of critical events that affect the safety of life, company assets, supply chain or brand.

“With critical situations such as the expansion of COVID-19, we are proud to establish an alliance with a global brand as advanced as Siemens,” says Javier Colado, senior vice president of Everbridge’s international division. “We are excited to work with Siemens to deploy CEM as part of our recent launch of the platform in Europe, as well as to collaborate in the areas of AI and machine learning to further develop our capabilities,” he concludes.

As a global leader in critical event management and public alert, Everbridge and its platform reach more than 550 million people worldwide, while serving major Fortune 500 companies, as well as cities, states, and entire countries.

“Given Siemens’ role as a technology leader, its alliance with Everbridge represents a significant milestone in the continued adoption of our EMC platform in the DACH region,” says Andreas Junck, CEO of the Everbridge DACH region.

Fighting against COVID-19: a critical strategy

In response to COVID-19, Everbridge quickly launched a coronavirus data source that complements its current real-time risk intelligence based on 22,000 data sources in 175 countries. To date, the Everbridge platform has distributed more than 600 million specific communications about the coronavirus. The company also introduced its rapidly deployable COVID-19 Shield ™ software templates to protect people and maintain operations during the pandemic.

More recently, Everbridge has launched its COVID-19 “Return to Work” and Contact Tracing solutions to help customers manage the process of returning employees to offices and other public places while mitigating the threat of coronavirus.

Everbridge has also recently launched its award-winning software platform in Europe, demonstrating the strength and reach of CEM during a virtual executive summit. The conference featured presentations by managers from Siemens, Accenture, Syniverse, Finastra, and Control Risks.