Mexicans inventions against COVID-19

Know these Mexican invents to combat COVID-19.

Mexico is not leading the career for finding a vaccine against the COVID-19. However, the country has developed some gadgets to help in the fight against the virus. Know some of them:

A Mexican Anti-COVID Suit for health workers

A Mexican company developed protective equipment that allows medical personnel to regulate their temperature during the day and has a battery that lasts more than eight hours.

The suit aims to protect one of the most vulnerable groups in this pandemic: the public health workers. The Mexican company XE Médica has created special inflatable suits to eliminate the risks of possible contagion by COVID-19 so that its paramedical staff can treat patients with the virus without the need to wear other types of biological protection equipment.

“What we wanted was for it to be completely hermetic. That was the first detail that interested us. And simultaneously we solved other problems that included, first, the heat and temperature in this summer sun, “says Fernando Avilés, director of the company, through the RT digital medium.

The suite includes a device that provides fresh air to the interior and a sensor that regulates the air pressure. “The temperature is very important because the staff thinks better when they feel relaxed and cool,” says Avilés.

The battery that supports it offers an autonomy of eight hours, although they mention that it can also be connected to an electrical network. Even if the suit does tear, the air compensator is responsible for regulating that imbalance and continuing to supply air so that it does not deflate and can continue to work until the problem is resolved.

Originally, it had not been thought to be developed in a massive way, but after seeing the success it had with its own personnel, the possibility of launching it to the market is very great, so that any public health personnel can have access to it.

This is not the first time that the company XE Médica innovates in terms of the safe treatment of patients with COVID-19 since they had previously launched their safe capsule to transport people with the virus, which works with technology similar to that of the suit.

A breathalyzer to detect COVID-19

A 34-year-old Mexican specialist developed a kind of “breathalyzer” that would serve to detect the coronavirus with a non-invasive and inexpensive breath test.

The apparatus of Hugo Pérez Garza, a Chihuahuan specialist in biotechnology and nanotechnology-based in the Netherlands, would also serve to detect high-impact diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in its initial phase.

According to reports, the device is similar to a breathalyzer, since it should only be blown on it. Inside the device, millions of nanosensors will immediately begin to scan all the molecules that are in the breath, in this way it will detect if there is any existing disease.

It is sought that this device can be found at some point in the end-user can find this test in supermarkets, pharmacies, and first-contact doctors so that people can have efficient primary tests for influenza, coronavirus, or certain types of cancer.

Pérez Garza indicates that the device would be five or six times more accessible than other options on the market and that it has a higher level of precision because thanks to interchangeable chips, the instrument has the ability to detect a molecule in a billion to discover diseases infectious, high impact or chronic degenerative, including dengue, zika, AIDS, malaria, and influenza.