Software to improve writing

StoryDevil and Scrivener are two useful tools for writing.

StoryDevil is a tool for writing scripts and novels from a web app. Meanwhile, Scrivener helps writers to develop fiction and non-fiction masterpieces.

The StoryDevil web app helps writers and screenwriters create their works from a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. What does these tool offer creators?

StoryDevil is a platform for writing scripts and novels. From a webapp, it offers creators tools to help them create stories.

Developers Carlos Godia and Marc Pampols created the online scriptwriting tool. They used their spare time to offer a solid and complete solution. Writers can use the application for free, although the developers have plans to add paid features in the future.

Writers have the main elements that are part of a story, such as adding a title, tagline and logline. In addition, they have character sheets and to help them develop their stories.

For new users, the app has a “Get Started” option to help people get started with the tool and realize its full potential.

About StoryDevil, the developers commented that

Access is completely free and free. We do not rule out adding payment functionalities in the future, although they are not yet defined. We also want to focus a lot on training (schools, institutes, etc.) but we have only just entered that world.

Developers Godia and Pampols plan to add some new features to the app. Among them are the options to create and send questionnaires about the plots; created and to be able to export files that can be sent to audiovisual producers.

Online tools for writing similar to StoryDevil

There are other tools to help writers create stories. Perhaps the most advanced and developed is Scrivener, an application available for the Mac operating system. Their characteristics are pretty similar to StoryDevil.

StoryDevil has been designed to create scripts and novels, but Scrivener is more versatile. The app also has features that make it easier to work for non-fiction genres and to develop research projects. However, Scrivener is more limited in terms of the operating system in which it can be used. Meanwhile, StoryDevil, being a web app, does not have this type of compatibility limitations.

And the business model?

As this is still a minimum viable product (MVP), StoryDevil does not yet have a viable business model, or at least not one that’s obvious. However, it is said that the founders of the platform have plans for it to be used as a tool for schools and colleges.

Also, the founders of the platform commented that they plan to include premium features in the future to support development.

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