Robots against COVID: Know our Electronic Allies

Robots fight against COVID-19 in hospitals. They help attending patients or desinficting rooms. Know more about these allies.

Around the world, Robots are joining us in the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to these automatized allies, health workers reduce risks, and Hospitals increase their capacity.

Robots are realizing a diversity of activities against COVID-19. They help in the patient’s treatment or in the disinfection of working areas. Discover some surprising examples around the world.

In Mexico, Robots disinfect COVID-19 zones in Hospitals

MTS Tech México will donate the services of robots that use ultraviolet light to reinforce disinfection in the entity’s hospitals.

With the aim of reinforcing disinfection in COVID areas, the Civil Hospitals managed by the University of Guadalajara will adopt robots that use ultraviolet light to disinfect spaces, according to the company.

The company MTS Tech México, which has experience handling this type of robot, will donate this automated service. The general director of the company, Gabriel Isaías Urbina Sánchez, mentioned that the Hospital Clínico de Barcelona designed this technology. At first, the hospital sought to automate some processes such as moving around the building to distribute medicine and food.

The MTS Tech executive added that the project is a year in the making. However, the company made rapid changes since the outbreak of COVID in December. They decided to change its use to disinfect hospital spaces with ultraviolet light. This UV technology is already proven. The disinfection capacity reaches 99.96%.

Prior to the adoption of the disinfectant robots, Hospital authorities mapped the COVID-19 areas of civil hospitals to start the disinfection processes in this week.

Among the advantages of adopting this technology is the reduction of human errors. Hospital reduces the disinfection time of the spaces, as well as the cost of these ones by 50%.

Urbina mentioned that “When a COVID case is detected in a company, the entire route that the worker had since he entered and all the surroundings of that route must be disinfected, in that process there may be errors in the application of chemicals, with this robot momentarily isolates the areas and after the robot passes and disinfects people can go back to work, without having to wait for the ozone to drop after a nebulization process ”.

Jalisco, vanguard in technology adoption in Mexico

For several years, Jalisco has been promoting the growth of technology companies to maintain their competitiveness in Mexico and in the world. Guadalajara is one of the most important Tech Hubs in the country thanks to the promotion of the Digital Creative City for several years.

This effort pays off now.

Currently, there is only one MTS-UVE robot in Mexico, but the company plans to have another pair next September to provide this service in Mexico City and other regions of the country.

Urbina pointed out that this technology stays unknown in Mexico in most parts. However, cities such as Shanghai, New York, or London already adopted it and promote it to combat COVID.

Robots attending patients

In other parts of the world, Robots help in the treatment of patients in hospitals. They bring medicines and food to the patient’s beds. In this way, robots reduce infection’s risk of health workers and solve the problem of lack of personal.

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