Jalisco’s Startup is nailing it in video-games

The video-game startup installed in Guadalajara Qapla Gaming offers an alternative to the cancellation of massive events.

Are you a video-game streamer? Or do you organize a virtual gaming event? The cancellation of massive events due to the COVID-19 also messed up video-games. However, the technological platform or video-game startup installed in Guadalajara Qapla Gaming offers an alternative.

Qapla services help for the sponsorship of eSports, streamers, and virtual gaming events during the new normal. Their services give an alternative to face the cancellation of massive events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CEO of the video-game startup Fernando Díaz told El Economista that his business model seeks for “everyone to win” in the world of video games.

“We are the only platform that allows streamers to convert these audiences and viewers into paid subscribers”

Fernando Díaz, CEO of Qapla

The CEO of Qapla also pointed out that right now they are the only ones that facilitate the entry of sponsorships in massive events.

He stressed that, unlike other platforms, through this app:

  • players receive prizes;
  • streamers capitalize or monetize their popularity;
  • brands or advertising companies have the possibility of sponsoring events and virtual competitions with audiences that reach event levels of real-life but at a lower cost.

“Although some sports are already making a comeback, or there are some that are going to be virtual, those events are not going to have and do not have the audiences that an average gaming influencer has at an event that they can do with us. There is a very important area of ​​opportunity for companies, ”said Fernando Díaz.

Video about Qapla (in Spanish)

Qapla is winning in funding rounds

According to Diaz, Qapla has already received investment during the pre-seed round. In the last year, the company received $ 300,000 through various investment funds. The pre-seed round was led by Trebol Capital and Ark Fund. The foreign fund specialized in video games Altered Ventures of Silicon Valley also participated.

“We are building the definitive channel to connect in a real and valuable way, with an audience of more than 45 million viewers and players in Mexico and Latin America. Our acquisition cost per user is 80% lower than tournament organizers and our retention rate is above 75% of other similar platforms and applications ”, stated the CEO of the startup.

Based on information from Estadista and Markets and Markets, Díaz anticipated that the eSports market will reach a value of 2.2 trillion dollars in 2023.

Video-game industry: an appealing market in LatAm

In Latin America, video games are a fast-growing market. This industry increased by 18.8% in 2018 and the forecasts are promising. 

Facebook has targeted this appealing market through its standalone app Facebook Gaming Service, available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru. 

Inside the video-games industry, eSports are getting each time more interest, but in LatAm has had a low expansion. However, this situation is changing rapidly with larger investments and growing revenues in this area.

In Brazil, the video-games startup Wildlife Studios became a unicorn last year. There’s a big chance that more companies will join in this category the following years in Latin America.