What kind of monitor is best for working at home?

If you're working at home, take care of your eyes and check some options to upgrade your monitor.

With the increase in teleworking, the search for better monitors also grows. A logical trend, as these devices have become the center of our attention to the technological revolution.

In the home office, as in the office, we spend a great deal of time in front of the monitors. But there is a crucial difference between teleworking and the home office: in the latter, workers are the ones who choose their work tools.

In this context, monitors that increase productivity and decrease eyestrain are now more attractive purchases. Andrés Parada, IT Sales Manager at LG Electronics mentions that nowadays people spend more hours in front of the screen than before. “Remote work is more intense. We spend a greater amount of time in front of the computer because, in addition to working, we use it for everything we used to do in person, like shopping, paying bills, and going to the doctor. In this new context, monitors with special characteristics such as the LG 20MK400H-B models, make all these tasks easier, and at a price within the reach of all users ”.

Monitors from LG Electronics

The 20MK400H-B series from LG Electronics features a Reading Mode that protects the eyes, decreasing eye strain and significantly increasing productivity. They also incorporate the Flicker Safe function, which allows you to enjoy stable and anti-flicker images; another feature that improves screen performance.

As explained Another recommended model for a home office is the 22MN430H-B series, which guarantees a first-rate visual experience, with brilliant images from any angle, to enjoy each color at its best. They incorporate AMD FreeSync ™ technology and a dynamic 75Hz refresh rate for smoother, sharper images.

According to the LG executive, a great advantage of this line of monitors is its ease of adapting to work and entertainment environments. “They can be mounted on the wall thanks to the fact that their arm is completely removable, which makes them much more flexible than other alternatives on the market. In this way, people can optimize their desk space, especially today when many are working remotely and have had to improvise a desk at home ”.

Dell Monitors

The Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q is reliable and easy on the eyes. It is a good selection to improve productivity. The monitor has a 4K resolution that makes all the displayed content look good, as well as being 27 inches long, making it large enough for most needs.

BenQ monitors

The BenQ 4K UDH monitor is a larger alternative, with an additional five inches. This monitor has detailed colors, which makes it a good alternative not only for office workers but also for gamers.

What should you consider when buying a monitor?

These are just recommendations, but when upgrading your equipment, consider the following features as a buyer:

  •     Connection type: Check that the necessary connections for the monitor are compatible with your computer.
  •     Correct size: Consider which monitor size best suits your needs. One that is too big can be cumbersome, or one that is too small can be annoying.
  •     Screen ratio: Another important detail is the screen ratio. Older monitors are usually 4: 3
  •     Resolution: The resolution defines the quality of the image that the screen will have. With better resolution, the eyes will require less effort.

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