Ten Brazilian Startups Rising Up

LinkedIn identified the most successful and resilient startups during the pandemic of COVID-19.

2020 has been a challenging year for many sectors, but some services stood out. Companies and fintechs that operate in the areas of property management, logistics, or health have demonstrated their ability to face the crisis caused by the new coronavirus. LinkedIn identified some of the most astonishing startups this year in a ranking released the past Tuesday (09/22).

The B2B e-commerce Menu leads the list. This startup connects distributors and industries to commercial establishments. Loft follows it in the second place. This Brazilian startup is a growing unicorn for buying and selling real estate. And the third position was for Loggi, focused on logistics services.

How were the startups picked up?

The research lead by LinkedIn considered four pillars:

  1. Growth in the number of employees,
  2. engagement,
  3. the interest of job candidates in the company, and
  4. the attraction of talents.

The startup must be independent and private to be eligible in the ranking. Also, they must have fifty employees in Brazil or more, be up to seven years old, and be headquartered in the country. Companies that have laid off 20% or more of their employees are also ineligible.

The study has been carried out since 2017, but this year it has undergone a change in its methodology. Unlike other editions, due to the pandemic, companies were not analyzed during the period of one year, but between January and July 2020. “The 2020 list reflects the current state of the economy and the world, presenting emerging startups and resilient and how they are operating in this constantly changing universe “, says Rafael Kato, LinkedIn’s chief editor for Latin America.

Top Ten Brazilian Startups in 2020

These startups were in the top ten of the ranking created by LinkedIn.


B2B e-commerce that connects distributors and industries to commercial establishments.


Real estate purchase and sale unicorn.

Consiga Mais

Customer support in the organization of finances

Neon Pagamentos



Delivery service that helps in the logistics of companies.


A technology company that acquires and renovates rental properties. They acquire old apartments in the best neighborhoods of São Paulo and transform them into fantastic places to live, renovating, renovating and completely furnishing them.


Fintech that mixes financial services with human resources

Conexa Saúde

Telemedicine platform

Buser Brasil

Collaborative transportation app


Emotional health platform