Fabien Mendez

Fabien Mendez is the CEO & Co-Founder of Loggi, a Brazilian logistics company.

Fabien Mendez: Education

• Master of the Getulio Vargas Foundation
• Master of Finance from Sciences Po (France)

Fabien Mendez: Early days

Fabien Mendez has extensive experience in the financial market. He specialized in the area of mergers and acquisitions of various institutions, such as JPMorgan, BNP Paribas, and Ernst & Young.

Before launching Loggi, Fabien Mendez had tried to launch a Brazilian version of Uber. It was achieved with many obstacles, as local laws prevent him from overtaking at all. This initiative ended up failing, and in fact, eventually led him to lose all his savings.

This happened because when he was getting the necessary funds to start his business, a municipal ruling prohibited this type of activity. Instead of trying to be cunning and find a way to escape this or avoid the laws, he was honest and clear about the situation. Even when he lost money at that moment, the investors trusted him for leading Loggi thanks to that actions.

Fabien Mendez: Career

Fabien managed to raise 2.5 million reais (around 670 thousand dollars at the time of publication of this article) in just eight days with local investors. For some reason, people had more confidence in him because he had already known the pain of failure. Now mutual funds like Monasheed Capital, Qualcomm, and other Silicon Valley investment funds are going to invest millions of dollars in Loggi to improve their digital platform.

Although the company focuses on motorcycle shipments, Mendez has made it clear that it is much more than just that. Its most important improvement is being able to apply machine learning and mathematics to optimize its logic system. Additionally, the use of GPS has helped it revolutionize its delivery mechanism since the location of the package is always known. For him, they are more than an entire optimization company, through the use of motorcycles.

Fabien Mendez: Distinctions

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Fabien Mendez: Other facts

Loggi has become a unicorn startup in Brazil. The company was named as one of the rising startups of 2020, due to its ability to overcome the pandemic.

Fabien Mendez: Publications

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