A new hub for HealthTechs will open in Brazil

The goal of this new TechHub is to foster the ecosystem of biotechs, healtechs, and medtechs that it's growing in a fast pace in the country.

This week Brazil will have a new-brand space for innovation in Medicine. The Sabin Medicina Diagnóstica Group opens this Thursday SkyHub.bio, an innovation hub, at its headquarters in Brasilia, according to the Brazilian magazine Época Negócios.

The goal of this new TechHub is to foster the ecosystem of biotechs, healtechs, and medtechs that it’s growing in a fast step in the country. Just one month ago, the startup MedPass receive a record investment in the sector.

“Our intention is to contribute so that startups can build their own ecosystems and add value to the innovation system”,

Lídia Abdalla, CEO of the company.

Creating a new ecosystem in Health

The headquarters’ infrastructure – covering approximately 14,000 square meters – will be fully available to entrepreneurs. They will have access to the group’s auditorium and technologies. Also, another key characteristic of the hub is the opportunity to learn about the company’s management model and projects under development.

Startups will also be able to connect with researchers, suppliers, and other entrepreneurs. The CEO of the SkyHub.bio remarked that the new environment will boost networking and sharing experiences.

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Lídia says that startups are allies in the search for innovation, and the launch of the hub is an old project of the group. “It was already our desire to create this environment. We know the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country’s development,” she says.

At the hub, mentoring, hackathons, and pitches will be promoted with financial awards, partnerships with other companies, or with Sabin himself. “The programming marathons can last up to three days. We really want to encourage developers to face challenges and problems that we present”, says the CEO. Subscription channels are not yet open.

Behind the choice of the name and location of the hub, according to Lídia, there is a story: “Brasília is known as the sky of Brasília”, she says, referring to the word sky and the location of the hub in Brasilia. “History is important for building business,” says the executive.