Connecting women with the gaming industry: Womenize!

Womenize! is an event series for women and under-represented people in the games or tech industry, including HR & culture managers, decision-makers, institutions, and multipliers.

On November 26, the event Womenize! Games & Tech will promote women in different workplace through its one-day forum. Between the goals of the forum are to inspire, mobilize, and connect women with the technological ecosystem of video games and digital entertainment.

According to its website, Womenize! is an event series for women and under-represented people in the games or tech industry, including HR & culture managers, decision-makers, institutions, and multipliers.

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Womenize! in LatAm

The event Womenize! arrives in Latin America for connecting and developing the talents of women in the areas of technology, video games, and digital business.

In its Latin American edition, Womenize! Games & Tech will take place next Thursday, November 26, in a free digital version. It will have its operation center in discord and will be transmitted via streaming, on the Gamers-on Facebook and YouTube networks. This forum will also be part of the Claro MasGamers festival.

What is Womenize?

Developed in Germany by Ruth Lemmen and Michael Liebe, Womenize! was created by the videogame developing company Booster Space. 

The first LatAm edition was held in 2019 in Colombia under the organization of the Gamers-on Magazine and the German Colombo. This 2020 it extends to Latin America, joining the Festiva MasGamer of Peru in support of 8 countries: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, allowing access to all people in Latin America. The event is organized this year by Booster Space, Gamers-on, and the international gaming forum DEVHR and our partner Masgamers.

For Sandra Rozo, director of the Gamers-On Magazine of Colombia and director of Womenize! Games and Tech – Latam, the current global situation is giving a magnificent opportunity for women in the region to unite, support each other, and inspire other women to link the industry and put their knowledge and potential at its service.

Jimmy Guevara CEO of MasGamer said that its alliance allows them to work regionally, seeking to include and promote the development of more and greater opportunities for women in Latin America.

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An event for overcoming challenges in LatAm

In Latin America, women have many challenges to overcome according to Jessica Herrera, Professional Academic Coordinator of Womenize. She pointed out that an event like Womenize allows them to get closer to the creative industry at the hands of women leaders who will help them, through their experience, to lay the foundations to be able to enter and grow professionally. 

What will you find on Womenize?

Womenize will be a 1-day forum, which will have 5 panels including:

  • Communities
  • The workflow in the video game industry
  • Corporate leaders
  • Professional networks in the industry and creative industries
  • Networking and conferences.

In these panels will be the main women referents of the Latin American industry, to share their trajectory and experience.

Meet women leading the game industry

At the conferences, attendees can be inspired by women in the game and tech industry such as Verónica Zammito former director of EA’s user expertise, who will take them through a series of adventures where user experience, video games, and a professional career intersect. 

Martina Santoro from Argentina, Evangelist at Epic Games, will speak about the importance of diversity in the industry and the different roles.

From Colombia, Juanita Rodriguez Vice-rector for Academic Innovation at Ean University, with 20 years of experience in the public and private sector is a fervent defender of the role of women in technology and entrepreneurship.

From México, z the Research Professor at UAM-A and SAE Institute Blanca Lópe will focus on the design of projects for video game development. Meanwhile, CPO & Co-founder at UXCool Academy Julie García will share the challenges of entrepreneurship in technology and design education.

Networking with talented women

By participating in the event, women and men will have the opportunity to connect their emerging talents with inspiring figures from the video game and technology industry. The event seeks to promote, mobilize, and connect more women so that they are part of this wonderful industry, which so much needs them.

The event has the support of the most important associations and unions of the video game industry in Latin America: Apdeva, Fundav, IGDA Mexico, ADVA Videogames made in Argentina, Canieti, Fem Devs Peru, Women in games AR, Compañía de videojuegos Asociados (CVA ), IGDA Paraguay, Centro de cultura digital, VG chile, Gamedev planet, Geek Girls Latam, IGDA Colombia, Encuentro Latinoamericano, Puerto Rico Game Developers Associatio, LatinxinGaming and High Distrital ICT Council

Check the agenda and meet the select group of women and men who will be part of Womenize! Games and technology.