CES 2021: A cyberpunk normality

5G, smart masks, and 8k screen were some of the highlights in the firs full-digital CES 2021.

For the first time since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show was completely digital. The most important technology brands presented their news via streaming to the whole world at an event where 5G and 8K screens were the main attraction.

However, health innovations were also an important part of the event, and developers presented products with the potential to transform the industry, such as sanitizing robots or state-of-the-art face masks.

These were some of the highlights of CES 2021.

5G for the public

Verizon presented its advancements in 5G at CES 2021. Company CEO Hans Verstberg talked about how this technology would significantly improve our lives. The company is working in partnership with the New York Times and Disney Studios with innovation labs that are testing ways in which 5G can be applied in their industries.

But 5G technology is useless without gadgets to support it. Companies like TCL and Alcatel presented their mobile devices that work with this technology.

Cyberpunk face-masks

The vision of a new cyberpunk normal was present at CES 2021 with the presentation of different models of face masks that seek to become essential allies to combat the spread of contagious diseases.

One of the chinstraps that attracted the most attention was the Project Hazel developed by Razer. This mask has light effects, speakers, and a microphone to improve user communication, as well as being transparent so that people can read lips.

Project Hazel claims to be the smartest mask, but the truth is that it has a lot of competition in this area. Other companies also presented their prototypes for CES 2021, such as the AirPop Active + with air filters, the Maskfone that allows hands-free calls and will be presented to the market in February this year, or the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier that presents the electronic giant LG.

8K screens

In its presentation, Samsung showed its latest Neo QLED 8K screens that not only offer excellent video quality but also have a processor that improves the quality of the content that is played on the screen.

Samsung’s screen also significantly reduced the width of its screen and makes it easy to use multiple displays at once.