Remote Desktop Software Market Is Growing Steadily

Remote Desktop Software helps organizations to adopt remote work. In Latin America, Mexico and Brazil are leading the trend.

In 2019, the global remote desktop software market size was USD 1.53 billion according to Fortune Business Insights. Since several years ago, remote desktop software has helped large organizations to provide work-from-home tools.

However, COVID-19 gave this IT Sector a tailwind. Forecasts project significant growth in the coming years, and it could reach USD 4.68 billion by 2027.

A remote desktop software allows users to access another computer, ensuring easy, efficient, and secure access to one or many remote desktops. In this way, an employer can access the company data in any place. For that reason, remote desktops have become one of the favorite solutions for corporations to maintaining productivity despite isolation measures.

Why are companies choosing a remote desktop software solution?

Efficiency, cost-savings, and flexibility are some of the advantages that remote desktop solutions give to companies. This kind of software offers the potential to maintain numerous devices from a single workstation. Users can access the systems they need, at the locations they need, without having to leave their own workstation. The remote desktop software allows companies to use remote devices live without the need for a user at the other end. This reduces the workforce requirements at potentially remote areas like data centers. These solutions enable users to work from home with the most reliable and secure connection. Also, the ability to work from anywhere, any time, and from multiple devices is increasing employee productivity and turnover. These tools enable employees to work remotely with a seamless remote desktop connection to one or many desktops at the workplace.

E-learning, a new opportunity for the Remote Desktop Market

The growing popularity of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in many companies has supported the growth of Remote Desktop Software. However, the isolation measures have created a new opportunity in the Education segment. The report of Fortune Business Insights highlighted e-learning as an opportunity area for the industry. They mentioned that, in July 2020, Slapshtop Inc. collaborate with Chromebook to provide real-time access to teachers to assist and view the student’s content over the Chromebook.

Several software providers have noticed a spike in the demand for its services since March 2020, according to the report. For example, TeamViewer obtained 75% growth in the first quarter of 2020.

As large companies as Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Google have extended their work-from-home policy, has surged the growth of the market. Also, software providers are offering secured remote work management solutions to provide an office environment for remotely working employees.

Remote Desktop Software in LatAm

Despite the US is expected to lead the growth of Remote Desktop Software, Mexico is expected to grow steadily after the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, not all companies feel comfortable providing facilities to workers in Mexico. 

Brazil leads the trend in South America. Numerous companies in Brazil showcased the significant implementation of remote working solutions. The report remarked that TiFlux collaborated with Splashtop to provide remote access solutions for the IT sector in Latin America in September 2020.