Blockchain is not just about Bitcoin. Ten Latam Startups shows that in this event.

10 finalists will be selected to present their Blockchain solutions to the Fintech community, who will select the top five.

Blockchain technology goes beyond cryptocurrencies. This has potential in industries as diverse as logistics, supply chains, voting, insurance, and even within projects with environmental and social impact. However, these applications have hardly been explored. To give a boost to these practical applications of the technology behind bitcoin, Finnosummit and Algorand launched the FINNOSUMMIT Challenge, Blockchain Edition.

On April 8, the final of this event will be held to publicize the startups that have seen greater potential in the blockchain than cryptocurrencies. At this event, the 10 most innovative solutions will present their blockchain-based solutions made for Latin America live.

Meet the 10 best blockchain-based projects in Latam

Since January 11, 2021, more than 100 projects have been registered. Of these, 10 finalists will be selected to present their solutions to the Fintech community, who will select the top five. Winners will receive prizes totaling more than $ 140,000 in investment capital and mentoring from the Algorand Foundation to accelerate their projects.

Since 2020, the most prominent actors of the Fintech community meet at FINNOSUMMIT Hour to share their perspectives on the market, while Fintech startups have an opportunity to talk about their projects. Thanks to this opportunity, this event allows presenting solutions with the potential to transform the region through blockchain.

Finnosummit Challenge

The Finnosummit event will feature a live broadcast featuring computer scientist Silvio Micali, who has already won the Turing Prize, the Gödel Prize, and the RSA prize; the first two in computer science, while the third in cryptography.

Micali will share his vision on the role of blockchain in society and talk about the motivation to create Algorand.

After the pitches, the Algorand Foundation will announce the 5 winning startups.

Where can you see the Finnosummit Hour?

The event can be seen live through FINNOSUMMIT Hour on April 8 at 11:00 a.m., and users can register up to twenty minutes before the event.

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