Reject all non-essential cookies once time and forever

Ninja cookies is an add-on that rejects all non-essential cookies for you each time that that annoying banners appear.

An add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser rejects all non-essential cookies for you each time that a banner tries to appear asking for that. Its name is Ninja Cookie.

Reading and exploring news sites and blogs have become a painful experience. Sites ask you to allow all your cookies, and if you want to avoid unessential cookies, marking the option isn’t simple. Instructions can be a bit confusing and, probably, most users accept all the cookies as they found it annoying trying to reject all the unessential ones. Ninja Cookie is an add-on to do easier reject cookies.

Ninja cookies only need to be installed in your browser to start rejecting all cookies banners. Most of the time you’ll not notice the add-on and browsing the Internet will be like the old all-mighty times of the Internet, when people were able to read news and blogs without any privacy concerns or annoying pop-up windows.

The application promises that, despite subtracting options regarding cookies, it helps us by rejecting all non-essential cookies by default, which “is much better for your privacy.”

In addition to this, its developers talk about “enjoying Internet browsing” without having to worry about cookie banners “and, finally, saving time and clicks”. The add-on has a counter of how many cookie warnings it has prevented us, calculating how many seconds we have saved by not having to accept cookies.

Concerns about private code

However, some users complain about the fact that Ninja Cookie has a private code and a paid version. For that reason, they don’t trust that the add-on will do everything that it says it does. Instead, they recommend the add-on I don’t care about cookies, an open-source extension.

However, ‘I don’t care about cookies’ doesn’t specify if it rejects or approves all the cookies.