How can startups compete with giants? Accelerating their reputation

Motim is a Brazilian company focused on boost the reputation of startups.

A Brazilian company is looking to boost startups through digital tools to improve their reputation, according to Brazilian business media Exame.

Motim was born as a press office. In the last few years, its team has been focused on taking consolidated startups to a new level in the market. 

After a startup is born from a creative and innovative idea, proves its concept in the market, wins clients and investors, it needs to take the next step. Founded five years ago, Motim bets on accelerating the reputation of startups to put them in the fight against large companies in their sectors.

A methodology for measuring impact

The company now has around 40 employees and has its own methodology for measuring the impact of actions ranging from content production to public relations.

Using digital tools, the method was created from experience with 118 brands from 46 segments. For startups that want to take the next step in the market, the work is aimed at attracting interested customers and closing deals between startups and companies. The reputation acceleration front is led by Marina dos Anjos, a former Sprinkler, who is in charge of business and brand development. Currently, the company is led by Gabriel Oliveira, formerly of Freeletics, a fitness app.

Blending organic, paid media, and public relations initiatives, the company brought the British mental health app Glorify, a rival of Calm and Headspace, to 500,000 users in Brazil in just six months.

Why does reputation matter?

According to Silas Colombo, co-founder and communication director of Motim, reputation is the new currency for the innovation and technology market. That’s what will help startups get a fight in the unicorn stage. The entire strategy is set up based on the business objectives of each company and we use our brand impact measurement technology with the content work”.

On average, the company grew 150% per year over the last 4 years. In 2020, with the pandemic and the digital transformation that it caused in the market, the company jumped 240% compared to 2019. For 2021, the forecast is 150% growth.

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