Mercado Libre offers same-day deliveries in Brazil

Mercado Libre offers same-day deliveries for 10 million units of products in Metropolitan Areas of Brazil.

Mercado Libre starts offering same-day deliveries for consumers in Greater São Paulo and the metropolitan regions of Florianópolis and Salvador, according to a statement.

The new service is valid for products flagged as FULL on the Mercado Libre platform, with purchases completed by 11 am.

How will same-day deliveries work in Brazil?

The user will have access to more than 10 million units of products, from various categories, including the supermarket. This is the largest assortment available on a marketplace in Brazil for same-day delivery at no additional cost. The shipping policy remains the same, including free shipping for purchases starting at R$79. The company expects that by July 2021 more than 20% of the zip codes of buyers throughout Brazil will be served with deliveries in this format, according to Luis Perera, Transport Director of the Envios Market in Brazil.

The company also announced that, by the end of the year, another 600 enveloped vans 100% dedicated to Mercado Libre will operate the last mile, adding to the 10,000 vans that are already in operation in the country, in addition to the 4 planes, 600 trailers, 51 electric cars, and 46 gas-powered trailers.

Mercado Libre starts delivering Pão de Açúcar products

The supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar – whose owner is GPA – started to sell its products on the Mercado Libre platform, with free shipping for purchases over R$79.90. The agreement for the operation had been made at the beginning of May when iFood also entered into a partnership with Mercado Libre.

All logistics will be carried out by Mercado Libre, with the products delivered by GPA at the Distribution Center in Cajamar, in São Paulo.

The operation is part of Grupo Pão de Açúcar’s strategy to build an open platform that operates in several simultaneous channels, but without controlling the entire process. The estimate is that there are about 5,000 products, including food, beverages, hygiene, and beauty items.

This is an investment in the area of ​​online retail in supermarkets, considering the growing demand in the sector as a result of the pandemic.

In early May, GPA has already started selling products on the Lojas Americanas platform, owned by B2W, a competitor of Mercado Libre.

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