How to create the largest Fintech businesses in LATAM?

Experts talked about how to create the largest Fintech businesses in LATAM. Watch the event!

Finnovista reported the first session of the event “Founders, Funders & Friends”, brought by Visa, where Juan Fantoni, Co-Founder at Pomelo, and Juan Andrés Mendoza, Director of Business Development at Visa talked about how to create the largest Fintech businesses in LATAM.

Having key alliances was one of the highlights addressed in the third edition of “Founders, Funders & Friends” brought to you by Visa, held on July 22, in which a virtual chat between ecosystem specialists.

Experts talked about how to create the largest Fintech businesses

In the first session of the event, Juan Fantoni, Co-Founder at Pomelo and Juan Andrés Mendoza, Director of Business Development at Visa, shared their experience within the ecosystem, as well as the factors to be considered by entrepreneurs seeking to access and develop startups in alliance with large companies.

“We want them to call us from day one, that they can grow, scale and improve with Visa,” said Juan Andrés Mendoza. He ensures that they make available the best products and technologies, seeking to join forces with entrepreneurs who understand the industry. Likewise, Mendoza considers that, in order to consolidate and grow each project, it is necessary for start-ups to find the most effective way of approaching the consumer, applying the various solutions that Visa makes available to them.

From Juan Fantoni’s perspective, having a real problem, as well as a team of people with aligned experiences, is what will define whether or not it is a good time to raise capital. “Pomelo is the infrastructure for Fintech companies to be able to launch products faster in LatAm”, assured the Co-Founder of the same.

In the second part of the event, Arnoldo J. Reyes, Vice President & Head of FinTech, Ventures & Business Development at Visa, as well as Santiago Fossatti, Partner at KASZEK, exchanged quite interesting perspectives and jointly analyzed the process behind the development and success in FinTech companies.

“There is no key to success, but there are several factors that can determine it: vision and leadership skills, for example,” said KASZEK partner Santiago Fossatti.

Innovating in financial models is key

On the other hand, the Vice President and FinTech Director of Visa, Arnoldo J. Reyes, emphasized not losing sight of the new financial models, as part of a competitive strategy: “If you want to stay relevant in this digital world, crypto will become in another type of value. Our initiatives are very much aimed at working with digital exchanges and loyalty programs ”, he added.

Fossatti also shared that a large part of the attraction that has been generated towards the digital financial sector in Latin America is the penetration of smartphones; which considerably favors the construction of technological opportunities. “We have never seen such a favorable moment for the technology ecosystem in LatAm. On the other hand, entrepreneurship became the main talent magnet ”, concluded Santiago.

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