Nikas Widget Analytics : Google Analytics graphs as Android Widgets

Nikas Analytics Widget is the most convenient way to keep track of the traffic on several websites from your Android home thanks to its customizable widget solution.

The issue with having several websites is the daily traffic tracking. You need to open the web browser and visit, or use the Google Analytics application, which sounds elementary, but it actually is painful to do on a daily basis, mostly if other priorities characterize your job. If you have several websites, you need to open their Analytics page one by one, and once you get to the last website in your list of websites, you most probably forgot the data of the first ones of the list. In other words, it is close to useless.

The Google Analytics application does not offer widgets to install on your Android’s home, which is unfortunate and quite disappointing when you consider how edgy the Google Analytics technology is.

Fortunately, there is a third-party solution that works smoothly, the Nikas Analytics Widget. The Nikas Analytics Widget has a free version for those who have only one website to track, and comes at a cost of $2.99 (at least when it was purchased a few years ago) to have an unlimited number of widgets on your Android home.

The widgets are fully customizable, from data source to graph type to graph design. The widget’s background color can be transparent so that it doesn’t hide the picture of your kids in the background.

Of course, the widgets do not enable you to go deeper into data visualization. If you are wondering where a sudden surge of traffic comes from, or what pages are being visited, then you have to open Google Analytics to find the details of the info you are looking for. However, when it comes to keeping an eye on the traffic of multiple websites, Nikas Analytics Widget is THE solution.