Fast growth for Brazilian startup into Blockchain games

A Brazilian startup growth 240% helping players to get into blockchain games. Is this a new business model or just a hype?

With the popularization of blockchain games in 2021, a Brazilian startup is earning momentum helping players to get remuneration for playing, according to the Brazilian media Exame.

Using NFTs technology and a dynamic that remunerates all players, not just professionals, this type of game gained prominence and adherence. With it, new business models emerged, such as companies that finance the entry of players in exchange for part of their remuneration – including some Brazilian ones.

Yield Guild Games, or YGG, which became the main community of the Axie Infinity game, is the most popular of blockchain games that use this “play-to-earn” (or “play for-profit” model “). The group, created in the Philippines, received millionaire contributions and made an emission of its own cryptoactive.

A new business model or just a hype?

Other groups and even companies specializing in blockchain games – and in financing the entry of new players – began to pop up around the world. Having emerging countries as its main market, as they are a source of revenue for players, Brazil could not be left out of the party of games that unite cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and video games.

One example is Genesys Gaming. Genesy Gaming intends, like other groups and startups of the genre, to solve one of the biggest problems related to “play-to-earn” games: the high cost of starting to play. As it is necessary to have NFTs to enter the game, the entry cost per stay is in the thousands of dollars, as in the case of Axie Infinity.

This can be considered the “Achilles’ heel” of blockchain games. The more profitable they become, the more they become popular – and vice versa. Along with this, however, the demand for the game’s NFTs also increases and, consequently, their price. So, the more profitable and popular the game, the more expensive it is to start playing.

With support from groups like Genesys Gaming, players can start playing for free – provided they share the profit they make on the platform in question. “We select the best NFT games today, make all the necessary investments, recruit and train players. With this, we build a team of qualified players, who enjoy playing and vast mastery of strategies,” says the startup.

With the popularization of this type of game, the company has grown exponentially since its creation in March. Today, just over eight months later, there are 1,700 members, more than 1,000 players signed up for the funding program, and a few thousand dollars distributed.

“The gamers didn’t have a choice to make a living from what they liked to do, except for a few who developed much higher-than-average skill and ended up on some e-sports team. The overwhelming majority have always had to find some source of income and play just for fun. Now, we can empower these players to achieve their financial freedom and focus exclusively on what they like to do”, told Heitor Miguel, co-founder of Genesys Gaming, to EXAME. “Blockchain games are not the future of games… they are the gift”.

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