Iraq: IoT-Kids raised $40K to teach kids to code

The Iraki programming course platform IoT-Kids just raised $40K to develop its program throughout the schools of the country.

IoT-Kids, the platform that provides programming courses for children through the nation of Iraq, just closed a $40K round of investments. $20K came from Earthlink Telecommunications (largest ISP in Iraq), and $20K came from the German development agency Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The platform, designed for children aged between 6 to 15, provides courses for robotics, electronics, artificial intelligence, and gaming design.

IoT-Kids has become an Iraqi institution for teaching kids to code in the past years. The Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology organizes the largest summer program for children in the country, with IoT-Kids providing the coding course platform. IoT-Kids is also the regional partner of Codeavour to organize international programming competition in Irak.

IoT-Kids was cofounded by Ali Taher and Mohammad Khaled. IoT-Kids was launched in 2016 in partnership with three schools (Al-Hkma School, Tanmya Al-Abdaa and Al-Tamayz). In 2017, it expanded to eight additional schools, reaching a total of 800 students. The online platform per say for programming courses was launched in 2019. IoT-Kids now gathers 10,000 students, and its round of investment will enable the platform to grow even further and reach out more kids and schools across the country.