DALL-E turns machines into artists

The company OpenAi has developed the DALL-E, an AI-powered art technology that turns machines into artists.

“Draw me a sheep” said the little prince. Beyond symbolic poetry, Saint-Exupéry probably did not anticipate that this historic request would become the paradigm of tech-driven art.

OpenAI is a San Francisco-based tech company dedicated to leverage AI to design “highly autonomous systems that outperform humans”. The heavy load happens through the company’s API which enables several AI-powered tasks such as coding in natural language, accounting, mining customers’ feedback, translating, and all sorts of different text-processing solutions.

Pretty boring you might say. Wait until you see this: OpenAI has designed the AI-powered art technology DALL-E which outputs original creative illustrations with a few words. Below is the picture generated from the words “koala dunking a basketball”:

Based on any word combination, the DALL-E system creates a visually attractive illustration. The system is also able to edit photos based on the same type of natural language commands. Below, the system replaces a dog with a cat on a picture based on the command “cute cat” (a process called in-painting):

The DALL-E system is also able to take one picture and create many variations that respect the style of the original picture :

OpenAI recently released DALL-E 2, an enhanced version of DALL-E that still has limitations, but also gives a perfect idea of the potential of this technology. The big question that DALL-E raises is, how much room does that leave for artists ? In a NFT-driven new economy, will machines be the leading, most prolific royalty-making artists of tomorrow ?