Nomahlubi Simamane

Nomahlubi Victoria Simamane (born 1959), is a South-African businesswoman, founder and CEO of Zanusi Brand Solutions since 2001, and Director of Imsa Solutions since 2021.

Nomahlubi Simamane: Education

• 1977-1981 : Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Botswana

Nomahlubi Simamane: Early days

Nomahlubi Simamane studied biology and chemistry at the University of Botswana and Swaziland, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree with honors. From 1982 to 1994, she was Marketing Manager for Unilever in South Africa and Kenya (actually the company’s first black marketing manager). From 1994 to 1999, she was Marketing Director of British American in South Africa and the USA. In 1999, she became Managing Director of BLGK Bates.

Nomahlubi Simamane: Career

In 2001, Nomahlubi Simamane founded the advertising agency Zanusi Brand Solutions. The word Zanusi means prophet in the Zulu language. The novelty Zanusi brought was to stretch the branding muscle beyond the traditional marketplace and into more informal places of consumption. She developed the Zanusi Migration Model which helps brands move towards future places of consumption, in a continent where the black market is voluminous but also brand-building. The agency works for top-tier brands such as BP, Medscheme, Nedbank, Zain and Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and handled cultural events for the city of Johannesburg, animations during the 2010 World Cup, and branding for Airports Company South Africa. Zanusi is also present in Kenya and Zambia. In 2011, Zanusi won the African Access Business Awards in the category Fast Growth Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise. In 2012, Zanusi’s sales reached $2.3 million.

In the past decade, Nomahlubi Simamane joined the board of several companies. She currently serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of The Foschini Group (since 2013), Lenmed (since 2012), Oceana (since 2009), Cashbuild Limited, Primedia Face2Face and Hollard Insurance. She was vice-chairperson of the Association of Advertising Agencies (AAA). She was also a member of the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) Advertising Properties Committee and of the UNEP’s Advisory Committee.

In 2021, Nomahlubi Simamane took the helm of Imsa Solutions, a leading technology company specialized in optimizing revenues and maximizing the network performance of telecommunications infrastructures. Imsa’s enterprise-class solutions cater to governments and telecommunications companies alike, and enable them to live-monitor the full spectrum of devices accessing their networks. This technology enables them to regulate all transactions and block unallowed devices (such as illegally imported mobile phones).

Nomahlubi Simamane: Distinctions

• 2009: Businesswoman of the year by Topco Media at the National Business Awards
• 2009: Businesswoman of the year by the magazine Black Business Quarterly
• 2013: Enterprising Woman of the Year by the magazine Enterprising Woman

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