Fans like this: Facebook and Fox Sports team up

Fans will watch more free matches on Facebook.

Facebook Watch will now broadcast 46 CONMEBOL matches for free in the countries participating in the tournament.

The decision was announced on April 8. Facebook and Fox Sports reached an agreement to share games. The CONMEBOL will be the primary beneficiary because more people will be able to see the games.

Facebook bought the transmission rights of the tournament at the end of last year. In the previous months, Facebook began to discuss with CONMEBOL the possibility of sharing the content in the 2019 season, an initiative that until now has materialized.

Facebook and Fox Sports will exchange games with the new agreement. With this, the free matches on Facebook Watch went from 28 to 46. Fox Sports, on the other hand, will also broadcast all Thursday matches acquired by Facebook.

The CONMEBOL Libertadores games on Facebook will now be available on the CONMEBOL Libertadores Page, and on the Fox Sports Page, from Tuesday to Thursday, starting tomorrow, April 9, in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

A different LatAm consumer

“Consumer behavior is changing, and we want to help bring that change and that innovation to the sports ecosystem in Latin America. Our experience has shown us that adding more matches can facilitate a better adoption of the change. We are excited to expand our collaboration with Fox Sports, giving people more opportunities to watch Libertadores matches through a new social viewing experience on Facebook Watch, “said Leonardo Lenz, director of Sports Alliances for Facebook for Latin America.

“We continue to look for new ways to serve the public throughout the region, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to reach and attract our viewers with content spread across multiple platforms, so they can experience the excitement of the CONMEBOL Libertadores wherever and whenever they prefer,” said Hernán Donnari, vice president of Fox Sports Cono Sur.

“We are very pleased with this new partnership to continue carrying a football everywhere. We value the efforts of our rights holders to create new experiences for all the CONMEBOL Libertadores fans, “said Juan Emilio Roa, Commercial Director of CONMEBOL.

Facebook owns the transmission rights of the CONMEBOL Libertadores until 2022, including the exclusivity of the matches on Thursdays. The platform has a global community of more than 400 million soccer fans.