TaskUs bets on Mexico’s culture for its expansion in LatAm

TaskUs is looking to expand into Mexico. TaskUs is a leader in technology innovation of customer experience.

TaskUs is looking to expand into Mexico. TaskUs is a leader in technology innovation of customer experience.

TaskUs has supported companies such as Hootsuite, Groupon, and MailChimp to grow their companies. After being highlighted in recent years, it has been improving. Its core’s business is customer experience (CX).

TaskUs is a leader in technology innovation of customer experience.

This company already has nine partner centers in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Colombia. It has its sights set on Mexico, opening its first office in Baja California.

Mexico Local Director Aaron Davis believes that the neighbor of the southern United States offers an unrivaled opportunity on the coast. TaskUs can find a bicultural and bilingual talent pool there. It is also easy access through San Diego.

“We are very happy to be operating in Latin America, a great complement to our global operations. Currently, our vision focuses on increasing our presence in Mexico. We seek to build our facilities to house more than 1K teammates to strengthen our current client base, with space to support new businesses as well, “he said. The Baja California office has 300 full-time employees and is growing rapidly.

Employees first, culture first

The TaskUs model has attracted attention. Founders Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir settled in the Philippines in 2008. For Davis, their position as “the world’s leading provider of business services with technology” is based on their culture.

“We had tremendous success in scaling up startups, which has made us the most qualified BPO for the experiences of transforming clients. From the first day we put our employees first, recognizing that happy employees lead to better business results, “he said.

Outsourcing companies have high turnover rates. The industry average is approximately 150%. TaskUs has an annual attrition rate of 30%, which leads to the consistency of its clients.

“We also have an exceptional reference rate of 61%, compared to the industry average in the 30% range. “

TaskUs bets on bicultural and bilingual talent

TaskUs is excited about the growth of its commercial offering to include bilingual support on all channels in English and Spanish.

“We believe that by investing in people, providing world-class facilities and partnering with the community, our business can flourish,” he said.

TaskUs hopes to become an employer of choice in Mexico. It wants to be recognized as a responsible and committed member of the community.

“TaskUs success is based on fostering strong relationships with our employees. We are committed to providing industry-leading benefits and supporting continuous improvement through training and education. We are excited to see our growth in the region, “said Davis.

TaskUs also announced new offices in the US, the Philippines, and Taiwan in November 2018.