Guatemala and Brazil Are Capgemini Outsourcing Consultancy’s Key Destinations

Capgemini hopes to make the most of the advantages offered by these territories.

Capgemini seeks to expand its operations in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Guatemala where they hope to make the most of the advantages offered by these territories.

Capgemini is one of the most important technology consultancies in the international market. Its Vice-president and Chief of Operations in the Americas Gustavo Tasner recently gave an interview to Nearshore Americas where he spoke about the company’s plans in the region.

Services for local customers

Brazil is the largest market in the continent, so any company that wants to do business there needs to have a structure in the country to be able to serve local customers. Also, tax and import regulations limit the number of professionals and services that can be outsourced to companies abroad.

Brazil is a competitive market where there are many opportunities for growth, according to Tasner. In this market, the main services they offer are in the area of finance, supply chain and accounting for multinational companies that are used to outsourcing.

In Brazil, Capgemini faces a local market barely breaking through because the outsourcing model is tight. For that reason, the company is focused on expanding its operations in application development and in infrastructure services.

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Growth in different markets

In Guatemala, Capgemini operation is different since customers are served from there in several markets, especially the North American ones, although they also work with the Spanish-speaking Latin American market. However, according to Tasner’s statements, the growth of the operation in Guatemala points more towards the north of the continent.

Currently, the offices in Guatemala are conceived as the operations center for both Latin America and the English-speaking part of the continent, while the offices in Brazil focus on serving the local market.

Capgemini is developing new business areas that allow them to continue growing in the region. They are constantly monitoring the market trends to be able to adapt to the client needs.

However, do not neglect the traditional service lines for which they are recognized worldwide. In both Brazil and Guatemala, the company has good growth prospects.

Capgemini’s Guatemala offices