Brazilians are massively investing in digital marketing

Videos received the majority of the investments among the advertising modes.

A study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Brazil) in association with PWC pointed out that digital media receives a third of advertising investments in Brazil. Only last year, this sector obtained the equivalent of $ 4.3B.

According to the report, the videos received the majority of the investments among the advertising modes with 38%, followed by the screen and social networks with 34%, and the price and classified comparators with 18%.

Brazil is considered the most significant digital advertising market in Latin America. A survey published by eMarketer noted that the country is responsible for 53% of advertising investments. The forecast is that by the end of the year, Internet advertising will exceed $ 9.1 billion on the continent.

Companies want to be noticed on the Internet

For João Paulo Gonçalves, technology expert and CEO of Lista Mais, a search platform for small businesses and local professionals, the growth of advertisements on the Internet indicates that companies are increasingly aware of the need for dissemination in the digital environment. “The Internet is consolidating in this market, and currently has the second largest amount invested in advertising,” says Gonçalves.

According to the expert, in addition to the advertisements, the adoption of some marketing strategies are also fundamental for the excellent positioning of the brand in the digital environment, including video. “Having an institutional material of the company in this format helps in the construction of the brand because consumer behavior is changing and people prefer to watch a video to read, the brain also processes the information presented in this way faster,” said Gonçalves.

Among the strategies that companies can adopt is an investment in SEO (search engine optimization), website optimization, which helps position themselves in Google’s organic search. The diffusion of businesses in specific portals such as Lista Mais, which receives around 30 million accesses per year, is a viable alternative for micro, small and medium-sized companies that want to be among the first results in the search engine, but do not have high values. The investment prices of the platform start at $ 40 per month.

Lista Mais also offers the construction of a website for companies that do not yet have a virtual address or need to reformulate their “business card” on the Internet, and recently launched the virtual store, a service for professionals and SMEs that want to make their products available for online purchase.

“Having a responsive website that can be accessed from the mobile phone, with easy navigation and allowing users to access information with agility is a way to attract more customers to a company.” Also, Brazilian e-commerce currently represents 15% of retail sales, so it is essential to selling the products on the web, “says Gonçalves. According to SPC Brazil, 74% of Brazilians use the mobile phone for online purchases. The expert also emphasizes that investing in marketing on social networks is also a strategy that generates positive returns during the advertising of the company on the Internet.

Lista Mais offers services for the creation of sponsored ads, complete web sites, elaboration of institutional videos, and also bet for innovation, with the implementation of new tools. “We are testing a pilot for a service that will allow call monitoring, in which the entrepreneur can manage their incoming calls and make a diagnosis of the quality of their service, to identify faults and train their sales team,” he says. Gonçalves.

With units in Presidente Prudente and Araçatuba, Lista Mais has a full portfolio of digital services and has a budget request system, which is sent simultaneously to companies, and also uses data transfer software, which provides up-to-date information about the contacts of different companies, focused on the consumer. The company has more than 2K customers and expects to reach 2,500 by the end of the year.