Improving CX is a priority in digital retailers

Companies plan to invest $1.6B in digitizing their operations. 23% of the investment will be spent on improving the CX.

Companies that are entering the digital world have as one of their main objectives to invest in improving the experience of their customers, according to a study conducted by Atento and the consulting firm IDC.

In Spain, companies plan to invest $ 1.6B in digitizing their operations, and of this amount, 23% of the investment will be spent on improving the customer experience, said in Nearshore Americas.

To gain deeper insights into the behavior of their customers, companies develop omnichannel platforms, so that 50% of retailers will have adopted an omnichannel retail platform by the end of this year, according to the report.

This investment has as one of its main objectives to increase sales. However, the success of this strategy depends to a large extent on the ability of entrepreneurs to choose the right tools they use to improve the customer experience.

“Companies must invest in platforms that integrate omnichannel channels for the client that are combined with business intelligence that allows them to develop current and future services to be successful,” advised Isabel Tovar, a research analyst at IDC.

Although many retailers are interested in offering omnichannel experiences, at this point, many companies often fail, because their strategy is multichannel and not omnichannel. The difference between one and the other is that a multichannel strategy uses a series of silos, such as chat, email, voice, social media, which are not in complete synchrony. For this reason, their environment tends to have communication problems, and they are at a higher risk of losing customers in this relationship.

The management of the customer experience and the impact of new technologies on it is crucial to offer clear competitive advantages in an organization. At this point, artificial intelligence plays an essential role in the way that companies deploy customer service in the coming years. “Artificial intelligence will be included throughout the customer journey,” analysts say at IDC.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence will be significant in this area. 50% of customers will have an interaction with an AI-based bot by 2020.