A Brazilian outsourcing company is improving its work process with NOC

The new Almaviva space was equipped with systems that use artificial intelligence to warn of any unusual events.

Latin American companies are increasingly aware of the need to update their work processes and adopt technologies that automate tasks. That’s why some telemarketing and IT companies are taking artificial intelligence, such as Almaviva do Brasil.

Almaviva is a company founded in 2006 in Sao Paulo. The firm offers outsourcing services to public and private companies in different sectors of Brazil, in areas such as customer service, telesales, and IT support. In this month, the company recently opened a Network Operations Center (NOC) within the company’s headquarters in São Paulo. These facilities will offer technological tools to improve the monitoring and management of the company and will function as an integrated operations center.

The new Almaviva space was equipped with systems that use artificial intelligence to warn of any unusual events that occur during the operation in the company’s contact centers, located in several states of Brazil. Through these systems, managers and specialists take preventive measures, plan and maintain the stability of operations.

Better control of the operations

With this operations center, Almaviva aims to improve the way they control and monitor the indicators of their operations. The NOC will also allow the company to measure the data generated in its services more effectively. In this way, Almaviva will seek to offer its customers a better experience and better results, according to Pierpaolo Cantera, director of planning and operational control of Almaviva in Brazil.

Cantera emphasizes that the operations center, which is controlled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is structured with various levels of on-screen alert and provides other key elements for the company. In this way, the company can improve communication between strategic areas such as Finance, Business Intelligence, and IT.

Almaviva integrated with this technology a scaling process to react promptly at the executive level. In this way, the company intends to guarantee the fulfillment of the results and the maximization of the employment rate, according to João Paulo Pais, superintendent of planning and operational control of Almaviva in Brazil.

The automation and integration of work processes will allow the company to anticipate any eventuality in its operations, allowing staff to make faster decisions and make corrections at work, according to Pais. “These actions are positively reflected in the customer experience, as the team of experts assists the contractor. With the NOC model, we always assign the right people in the right place.”

For André Pandolfi, the company’s new business and marketing director, Almaviva continues to invest substantially in human capital and technology. “Our goal is to provide increasingly innovative and disruptive solutions for companies in various segments of the Brazilian market and, for this, it is essential to use the best of our technological capabilities such as NOC,” he says. “The new monitoring center is another innovative ally that helps us manage work as a whole, which allows the continuous search to exceed the objectives of our customers and raise the quality perceived by their consumers.”

Due to the size of its population and its stable economy, Brazil is one of the most attractive Latin American markets for outsourcing, which has led to the arrival of international companies such as Wipro, HCL and Cognizant. Also, Brazil has an experienced technology sector, which allows Brazilian companies to update quickly to compete with foreign companies.