The fourth revolution reaches the Latin American countryside

The fourth technological revolution is coming to the countryside with the IoT.

The most critical revolutions in Latin America happened in the countryside. The Latin American fields have witnessed social inequalities, but also justice claims. Now, a new revolution is being developed from the Argentine pampas to the Rio Grande. The leader is the Internet of Things (IoT).

The fourth technological revolution is coming to the countryside with sensors to predict the rain, monitors that show the characteristics of the soil, moisture meters. All these devices would be linked to a big data platform that would analyze and interpret the results with Artificial Intelligence. The AgTech in Brazil and Argentine shows how they can be used.

Modernization of the field in Latin America would have a global impact

Innovations in the field would have an economic impact on the world, not only in Latin America. Since 2000, the region has surpassed North America as the main exporter of agricultural products in the world. In most products, Latin American countries have a surplus and, according to forecasts, the region’s export quota will grow 25% by 2028.

The IoT would drive this trend. These technologies bring new possibilities in the management of rural production. Satellites with more accessible services allow crop monitoring. Modern harvesters let you know productivity by field (unit by area). Smart irrigation solutions measure the level of water in the soil to avoid waste and reduce expenses. The main economic powers of the region have begun to take the first steps for this revolution.

The governments of Brazil and Argentina have promoted the use of this technology in recent years. Brazil has presented pilot projects to promote the technologies of the field in the country, while Argentina plans a reform in its legislation that allows reducing the costs of the technological devices. The revolution is just beginning.