Brazil transfers technology from the consumer portal to Argentina

Argentina will adapt the platform for the local market. Other countries in the region are interested in the technology.

The Argentine government will soon have an adapted version for the local market of the Brazilian platform

The platform has been available online since June 2014. This portal is a free public service that allows consumers and companies registered on the site to negotiate solutions to possible consumer conflicts from the Internet. 

According to the National Consumer Secretariat, 80% of the complaints registered on the portal are resolved by companies, which respond to consumer demands in an average of 7 days.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security of Brazil will transfer to the Ministry of Production and Labor of Argentina the technology and project necessary to build a conflict resolution, prevention and reduction service similar to the Brazilian platform, according to an agreement signed by both ministries on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Other countries are interested in the platform.

According to the National Consumer Secretary, Luciano Timm, Uruguay and Paraguay have also expressed interest in the technology developed and managed by the Ministry of Justice to stimulate conflict resolution quickly and without bureaucracy.

“We will be delighted to work together on global consumer protection through this platform,” said Timm. The Minister added that the technology is available to other Mercosur and Latin American member countries.

“Today, consumers want to solve problems with the supply of goods or services with the least possible inconvenience. He doesn’t want to go to court, to a small claims court, to Procon. He wants, if possible, that resolution is at hand. And the best way is through digital platforms,” said Justice and Public Security Minister Sergio Moro, during the signing of the institutional technology transfer agreement.

“The platform was developed in previous governments, but we had the wisdom to understand that this tool is a relevant public policy and deserves to continue to receive investments and spread,” Moro added.

The ministry called the signing of the agreement “an important step to meet the demands of Argentine consumers to resolve consumer disputes.” The negotiation process began in May when Brazil and Argentina signed a memorandum.

An adjustment for regional integration in South America

Fernando Blanco, national director of Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Production and Labor of Argentina, said that transfer agreements such as the one signed today are the realization of the political, economic and social process that guides the regional integration project.

“We often fill out paper sheets that theorize about regional integration when, in practice, we lack concrete action. Today we are taking a concrete step in this direction. A leading country, which has a handy tool for Mercosur consumers, which helps our consumers to have a fast, simple, efficient, and free way to resolve conflicts. It is regional integration that allows us to build trust and this joint work, as well as a common policy,” said Blanco. “From now on, it is up to us to start, following the same line as the Brazilian portal,” he concluded.