Technical support outsourcing services will grow by 9%

The technological advances and the concern of companies to focus on the customer compell companies to hire these services.

The technical support market expects to grow 9% between 2019-2025, according to a MarketInsightsReports report

The demand is increasing, and more companies are developing areas of IT Support specialists, but the lack of professionals is still a problem in the sector. 

The study published by MarketInsightsReports contains detailed information on diverse aspects of this industry, including the pace of growth, technological advances, and the different strategies used by current competitors in the industry. The report conducted a collective analysis of information, which was obtained through primary and secondary research to provide a systematic approach to the current market situation, as well as to offer a prospective scenario. 

Technical Support: an increasingly crucial area for companies

Technical support outsourcing services provide services to various B2B and B2C segments. Rapid changes in technology have been a challenge even for customers who know better technology and who have followed the development of new inventions step by step. Meanwhile, technical support teams find it challenging to meet all requests of customers, as well as the expectations of a quick solution to their problems.

Beyond this, technology companies have placed increasing emphasis on customer-centric services rather than cost reduction. For this reason, technical and technological support services are an effective solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have a limited budget. The outsourcing of technical support combines customer service with the technical aspects of a product or service.

The technical support offshore is not a peripheral process. This area requires dedicated and experienced teams that work against the clock and deliver higher value to customers. This circumstance causes companies to need to find qualified personnel for the task and with a specific technical level.

Training of specialists in Technical Support

With this problem in mind, Coursera and Google have launched a course to prepare online Technical Support professionals. The course is certified by the technology giant and is planned to last four months.

Those who participate in the course may have a professional certificate endorsed by Google. Also, Coursera offers a discount of one month for those who are not able to bear the cost of the course. 

This course is not for professionals in information technology, but for people who lack knowledge in the area or who only have a notion on the subject. The objective of the course is to offer more job opportunities to the population in an expanding field.

The program presents how troubleshooting and customer service, networks, operating systems, systems administration, and security work. The topics are brought by Googlers, whose base in IT support served as a starting point for their careers.

By dedicating five hours a week, the course can be completed in six months. Those who complete them may have more job opportunities in outsourcing companies or even working remotely.

Companies that offer Technical Support services

You call customer service. A robotic voice dictates the menu, and you wonder which option might be the right one to solve your problem. The operator calls you, explains what happened, and tells you, “I will transfer it to the corresponding area.” You explain your issue again and, if you are lucky, they will help you solve it. If not, they transfer you back.

This type of situation can hinder the customer experience and the image of the company. To avoid these problems, more and more companies offer outsourcing services for agents specialized in technical support. 

This type of service is not limited to answering the doubts they have about the operation of the products. Companies focused on this area seek to establish KPIs for employees and continuously improve the speed of response and problem-solving so that it is unnecessary to pass calls between team members.

Companies specialized in customer support for technical support have the advantage of having extensive experience in the area. They know the best hardware and software tools for the job and can make a better diagnosis of the problems customers have when they request technical support.

Among the key players in the sector are companies such as Accenture, Collabera, Genpact, HCL Technologies, and Infosys.

The objective of hiring these services is to save time and money in areas such as staff recruitment, work process development, in addition to the purchase of the necessary equipment to perform the task.